Next Level Online Workshop Creative Off-Camera Flash + MagMod + Lightroom (ENG/US)
(English spoken)

Lift up your Creative Photography, Off-Camera Flash Skills & Lightroom Edits to the Next Level! Create awesome creative images that have a “WOW” factor. Empower your photography, and creativity skills, and let’s grow your photography business! I’ll teach you step-by-step how to work creatively with creative techniques and learn to rock your Off-Camera Flashes, Creative Techniques, and Lightroom.


✅ 100+ Video Lessons (Next-Level)
✅ Physical Hardcopy Book (244 pages)
✅ Creative Tutorials + Light Recipes
✅ Liveshoots & Lightroom Edit Lessons
✅ Lifetime access
✅ Private E-learning environment
✅ BTS + Settings + Light recipes

Did you know that this course also includes a real hard-copy book? Pretty handy, right? It’s a great reference guide containing all the techniques described, including lighting recipes, all the gear, and the settings we used for those creative photos. The book will be shipped worldwide (international shipping is included) to all participants

Learn to see the creative potential in boring locations and learn to create awesome work. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective to unleash your creativity and become more comfortable with Creative Lighting and Creative Techniques.

My liveshoot step-by-step tutorials are the ultimate gateway to creating epic photos using Off-Camera Flash or other Creative Techniques. The more confident you are while shooting with Off-Camera Flash, no matter the circumstances, the more you enjoy and deliver an epic client experience.

Master the industry-leading photo editing application Adobe Lightroom, and take your edits to the next level! This course will have you working with Off-Camera Flash, creative photography, and Adobe Lightroom like a pro. It covers Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, so you are ready to use it with total confidence in an innovative creative editing style.

This workshop is suitable for every photographer who wants to learn to #BeCreative. As a photographer, you know the basics of photography + flash, but you want to train your skills in Off-Camera Flash, Creative Light Techniques, and Lightroom.

Course Curriculum

Welcome! 00:00:00
Intro 00:15:00
Fundamentals + Basics // Creative Off-Camera Flash
What’s in the workshop camera bag? 00:15:00
The basics of Off-Camera Flash 00:10:00
Lightclock 00:10:00
The basics of Creative Off-Camera Flash 00:15:00
Fundamental & Important KnowHows about Creative Off-Camera Flash 00:10:00
My basic settings [1/160 – F8 – ISO 100] 00:10:00
Zoom function Speedlight 00:10:00
Working with Light Layers 00:05:00
Create & Combine Color light [Colorwheel] 00:05:00
Colorwheel 00:10:00
Small Lightsource – Big Lightsource 00:05:00
The distance of your Lightsource 00:05:00
Difference between F/2.8 en f/8.0 [Creative Shooting] 00:05:00
CTO/CTB/Plusgreen Gels – 1/2 CTO Fake Sunlight 00:05:00
UpLights 00:05:00
My favorite Lightstands 00:05:00
How to set-up a Rim/Back Light behind your Model/ 00:05:00
Flash Power Settings 00:00:00
Modifiers // Creative Off-Camera Flash
Difference Speedlight & Studiostrobe 00:05:00
Bare Speedlight [Direct + Bounce] 00:05:00
Flipper / Bounce Card / MagBounce 00:05:00
Color Gels 00:05:00
Mixing Color Gels 00:05:00
MagSphere & Dome 00:05:00
Lightspread (Wide Lens) 00:05:00
Grids [Solo + Stacking] 00:05:00
MagSnoot / Clic Snoot 00:05:00
MagBeam Creative 00:05:00
MagBeam Tele 00:05:00
Magnum Clic Reflector 00:05:00
Clic Barndoors 00:05:00
Softbox 24 Inch Octa 00:10:00
Umbrella Silver 00:10:00
XL Reflector + Dome Gels + Grid + MagSphere XL 00:05:00
Reflection Screen 00:10:00
Creative Light Modifier (Cheap) 00:05:00
Creative Liveshoots/Tutorials
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative with the MagMod XL Reflector 00:05:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Dynamic Silhouette 00:10:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative with Christmas Lights 00:05:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Bokehlicious with a Pine Tree 00:05:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Flying Dress 00:10:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Let it rain and #BeCreative 00:00:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative with two XL Reflectors 00:10:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative Umbrella Light 00:05:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative Split Backround 00:05:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative with a steel construction 00:05:00
Creative Shoot-Outs (Live shoots)
Creative Shoot-Out // Amsterdam (10 minutes) 00:10:00
Creative Shoot-Out // Boring Location (20 minutes) 00:20:00
Creative Shoot-Out // Industrial (5 minutes) 00:05:00
Creative Shoot-Out // Parking Garage (15 minutes) 00:15:00
Tutorial/Liveshoot // Creative with Atmosphere Aerosol 00:05:00
Lightroom Photo Editing (Tutorials)
Lightroom // #BeCreative Basics (Intro) 00:00:00
Lightroom // Editing tutorial 00:00:00
Bonus Lessons (Deconstructions, Tips & Tricks and Tutorials)
Image Deconstruction // Double Exposure OCF 00:10:00
Image Deconstruction // One Light Shower Set-up 00:10:00
Liveshoot/Tutorial // Creative with a Ventilation Grille 00:05:00
Image Deconstruction // Creative Window Reflection 00:05:00
Image Deconstruction // Handrail Silhouette 00:05:00
Image Deconstruction // Creative Container Light 00:05:00
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