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Learn fast, awesome and creative lighting techniques from Magmod Ambassador Arno de Bruijn. Walkthrough the ways Arno manage and choose the best lighting setups during each part of the day, without spending too much time. Learn to turn boring environments into great and creative images.


✅ 36 Video classes (English) – With on-location examples
✅ 12+ hours of education
✅ You can Re-Watch the lessons anytime
✅ The first lesson will be launched in April 15
✅ Private learning environment
✅ Become a Pro with Off-Camera Light
✅ E-Book with Off-Camera Flash Techniques & Light recipes
✅ The process behind creative images

Learn how to use off-camera flash and creatiive use of MagMod in your own online learning environment. You will learn all the things about photography and working with (creative) light from a specialist in creative photography, off-camera flash, and MagMod modifiers. Arno is also Ambassador, and certified MagMod and Profoto trainer. Arno is world known for his creative flash photography skills, and vision.

Are you also messing with your flash units? Working on boring locations where the light is somehow missing or simply bad? Then this Online Workshop Flash Technology is very suitable for you!


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